Fore MKE features four high tech simulators for you to practice and hone your skills. Our simulators feature 34 world famous championship golf courses and an interactive practice facility. The simulators offer multiple practice options such as driving, chipping, and shot accuracy at varying distances.

Track your shot length, distance from the target, trajectory, swing speed and many other metrics. The shot tracer shows the entire flight of the ball just like you see on TV golf broadcasts

Book one of our simulators to practice or play the course of your choice, either by yourself or with a group

34 Championship Courses

Probably the most important aspect is that the shot data is consistent. The original intent was to use the simulator only during the winter months. However, I find it is also a huge time saver when I have just an hour to get some swings in during the summer. My favorite way to use the system is in practice mode. I am able to go to a certain hole and hit numerous tee shots or approach shots.
Mark Wilson 5-time PGA Tour Winner